The University of Arizona

Climate Change Adaptation Planning Guides

By Joe Abraham | The University of Arizona | June 03, 2009

When planning for the future, government, community, and business leaders are increasingly acknowledging the need to consider changes to the climate, like warmer temperatures and more extreme weather. Researchers, advocacy groups, and government agencies have responded by developing planning guides and other resources that help governments, communities, businesses, and other organizations assess impacts of climate change and develop strategies to adapt. While not exhaustive, a selection of guides is provided below. Several guides have been developed with specific organizations in mind, while others present adaptation planning concepts applicable to a range of organizations.

There is no one “right” way to develop an adaptation strategy, and reviewing one or more of the guides below will help many organizations get a sense of the resources needed. Key planning steps presented in the guides include assessing climate impacts, assessing vulnerability, and developing adaptation strategies.

Additional guides may be added to this page as they become available.