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Coloradans Believe Global Warming Is Happening and More Should be Done to Address It

Date Posted: 
September 16, 2013
Yale Project on Climate Change Communication

A new survey conducted by the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication found that 70 percent of Coloradans believe global warming is happening, and almost half (48 percent) believe it is mostly caused by humans. The scientists interviewed 800 adults living in Colorado by telephone to gauge their opinions on global warming. They found that not only do they believe it is happening, but 73 percent believe the issue is very or somewhat important to them personally and 59 percent are at least somewhat worried about it. Over 65 percent believe that global warming is contributing to increased droughts, decreased snowpack, and is exacerbating wildfires, and they also believe there will be even more negative effects over the next 50 years. More than half think the government, corporations, industry, and citizens themselves should do more to address global warming, and that the U.S. should take the lead, regardless of whether or not other countries do the same. Perhaps the most interesting and even encouraging finding is that about half (52 percent) of Coloradans believe that “switching from fossil fuels to clean energy sources would increase economic growth and the number of jobs.”