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What is a news feed? A news feed (also known as an RSS feed) is a webpage that combines and lists all the updated news and information from a Web site. It is a quick way to see the latest updates without having to visit the site. With RSS, you can “subscribe” to a Web site and get “fed” all the new headlines from that site. The Southwest Climate Change Network provides several news feeds that provide timely information about climate change in the Southwest.


You can "subscribe" to a news feed with a browser like Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. The browser will check for updates and download the list for you automatically. To subscribe to a news feed, click on the orange (or blue) RSS icon in the address bar or toolbar of your browser. This will open the feed in a new page where you will find a subscribe link or button.

News Feeds

Keep up to date with the Southwest Climate Change Network news feeds. Drawing on a selection of high-quality credible sources, the feeds provide quick access to new and recent stories on climate change and energy in the Southwest, cutting-edge climate change research, and climate change solutions involving policy, new technology, and the private sector.


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