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Written primarily by guest authors, feature articles provide "on-the-ground" perspectives and credible assessments of various topics related to climate change solutions and science, with an emphasis on the Southwest.

Understanding the Southwestern Monsoon

Posted by Zack Guido | on July 22, 2008
The monsoon season is a showcase of dramatic weather. While the storms suppress sweltering temperatures and resuscitates vegetation, they also deliver intense rains, powerful winds, and a high number of lightning strikes. Although experts see no clear-cut trends in monsoon activity over the last 100 years, global warming incites the question: will the monsoon strengthen or weaken in the future?

Landscape Rocks!

Posted by Stephen Miller | on July 09, 2008
UA engineering and landscape architecture faculty and staff meet the region's landscape challenges, supplying vegetation with water, combating urban flooding, and reducing the urban heat island (UHI).

Biofuels: Freedom from Fossil Fuels?

Posted by Michelli Murphy | on July 01, 2008
A consortium of business leaders and biofuel researchers are working to develop successful petroleum alternatives.

A Shift Toward Aridity

Posted by Stephanie Doster | on March 26, 2008
Westerly winds and other forces could make drought-prone regions even drier.