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Written primarily by guest authors, feature articles provide "on-the-ground" perspectives and credible assessments of various topics related to climate change solutions and science, with an emphasis on the Southwest.

One Community, Many Solutions

Posted by Chelsey Killebrew | on August 18, 2008
With its energy-efficient buildings, climate-controlled houses, and the dry desert landscape, a neighborhood in Tucson, Ariz., has created community-standard codes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and water use to protect the environment.

Freeze-free Desert

Posted by Michelli Murphy | on August 15, 2008
Fewer freezing temperatures in the Sonoran Desert could alter everything from the desert’s footprint to the types of plants that thrive within it—including the saguaro—according to The University of Arizona study.”

Attributing the Causes of Climate Change

Posted by Stephen Miller | on August 10, 2008
Researchers discuss the difficulties in establishing links between environmental deviations and human-induced climate change.

Powered by Pond Scum

Posted by Michelli Murphy | on August 05, 2008
Algae—the slimy stuff that plagues pool owners and coats fish tanks—may soon become the perfect biofuel source.

Small Towns Take Big Chunk Out of Carbon Footprint

Posted by Stephen Miller | on July 29, 2008
Sustainability is a big-budget item in any city, making it an especially challenging goal for smaller—and often poorer—cities and towns. Nevertheless, towns with tighter spending plans and limited resources have found ways to reduce their carbon footprint.