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Written primarily by guest authors, feature articles provide "on-the-ground" perspectives and credible assessments of various topics related to climate change solutions and science, with an emphasis on the Southwest.

Stargazing and Sunbathing

Posted by Chelsey Killebrew | on August 27, 2008
Roger Angel designs telescopes and has been in the astronomy field for more than 30 years. Now, he directs light on a different area of research—solar energy.

Biodiesel: Gas from Grease

Posted by Michelli Murphy | on August 23, 2008
Several Southwest organizations are working to advance the local production and use of biofuels.

Assessing Ecological Climate Impacts in New Mexico

Posted by Chelsey Killebrew | on August 22, 2008
Populations of drought-sensitive species are decreasing in response to climate change, even in conservation areas and especially at high-elevations, according to a report prepared by two New Mexico ecologists.

Monsoon Modeling

Posted by Chelsey Killebrew | on August 21, 2008
Atmospheric scientists explain the complexities associated with trying to predict the North American Monsoon with a global climate model.

Living and Learning the Cap-and-Trade Market

Posted by Michelli Murphy | on August 20, 2008
Three University of Arizona professors have developed a teaching module that lets students become part of the cap-and-trade market.