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Written primarily by guest authors, feature articles provide "on-the-ground" perspectives and credible assessments of various topics related to climate change solutions and science, with an emphasis on the Southwest.

Turning a New Leaf: When Tree-Rings Meet Water Policy

Posted by Michelli Murphy | on October 15, 2008
Researchers are using tree-rings to reconstruct past Colorado River streamflow to see how common, and extreme, southwestern drought can be—information that is vital to water managers.

Climate Modeling Expert Shares Insights on Progress, Coming Advances

Posted by Chelsey Killebrew | on September 26, 2008
Eric Barron, director of the National Center for Atmospheric Research and a long-time expert on climate models, discusses the strengths and weaknesses of modern Global Climate Models.

Early Snowmelt Could Mean Disaster for River Ecosystems

Posted by Stephen Miller | on September 23, 2008
Changes in the timing of spring snowmelt could have profound implications for aquatic species habitat in Arizona.

Southwest Cities Find Ways to Reduce Their Carbon Footprint

Posted by Stephen Miller | on August 29, 2008
Reducing a city’s carbon footprint requires more than switching to energy-saving light bulbs, and leaders across the Southwest are finding more and more creative ways to meet the challenge.

The Climate Registry

Posted by Michelli Murphy | on August 27, 2008
One day, reporting greenhouse gas emissions will be the law of the land. Until then, more than 270 North American organizations have already agreed to report their emissions—voluntarily—as part of The Climate Registry.