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Written primarily by guest authors, feature articles provide "on-the-ground" perspectives and credible assessments of various topics related to climate change solutions and science, with an emphasis on the Southwest.

Climate Adaptation Summit Explores Fed’s Role

Posted by Betsy Woodhouse | on August 10, 2010
What is the most efficient and accurate way for people who authorize climate-change, adaptation-related actions and budgets to obtain the information they need to make their decisions? In late May, about 150 high-ranking users and providers of climate adaptation information gathered in Washington D.C. to discuss options.

Water Research Without Boundaries

Posted by Michelli Murphy | on July 09, 2009
A team of researchers at the UA and in Mexico are developing the kind of climate information communities on both sides of the border need to manage their water in the face of climatic uncertainties.

New Mexico’s FoodShed Alliance

Posted by Michelli Murphy | on March 30, 2009
<p> FoodPrint NM in New Mexico is working to shrink the distance between the farm and the fork and curb climate change in the process.</p>

Building a National Phenology Network

Posted by Michelli Murphy | on January 21, 2009
The National Phenology Network is gathering data on a national scale to determine how environmental changes are influencing the lives of plants and animals and, ultimately, what those changes mean for people.

Land Use Planning in the Changing Climate of the West

Posted by Rebecca Carter | on January 15, 2009
An assessment of western state climate plans finds many communities could cost-efficiently reduce their emissions by about 20 percent if their land use planning-related policies were fully implemented.