The University of Arizona

Rebecca Carter

Adaptation Manager

Rebecca Carter joined ICLEI in November 2008 to expand the organization’s work on climate change adaptation. Prior to this, Rebecca was Climate Change Analyst for the Sonoran Institute, where she focused on the nexus of climate change and land use planning in the Intermountain West, and well as natural resource management challenges. Rebecca was a graduate student and post doctoral researcher with the Climate Assessment for the Southwest (CLIMAS) at The University of Arizona, where she worked on issues such as sensitivity of urban water supplies to climate variability, and climate information outreach to a range of stakeholders. She earned a master’s and PhD in Cultural Anthropology with a minor in Law at The University of Arizona. Her dissertation focused on the globalization of the Sonoran table grape industry and included a year of fieldwork in Hermosillo, Mexico. She holds bachelor’s degrees in Journalism and interdisciplinary studies in ecology, geography, and anthropology from The University of Arizona. She also worked as an accountant in an international law firm in Prague for one year.