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The Southwest Climate Blog, a new feature of the Southwest Climate Change Network Web site, will explore challenges that experts and community members in the region face in trying to understand climate variability and change and make informed decisions.

Posted by Jonathan Overpeck on February 16, 2012

It’s time to get the discussion going on our first SW Climate Book Club selection: ...

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Posted by Christopher Cokinos on February 16, 2012

Are greenhouse gas emissions going up or down? Are governments and international agreements working to grapple effectively with moving to a low- or zero-carbon economy?

Up and no.


Posted by Jonathan Overpeck on February 13, 2012

Ready to discuss climate change and geoengineering? As we announced a few weeks back, we’ll be hosting both online and in-person discussions focused on this topic and the book:...

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Posted by Jonathan Overpeck on January 13, 2012

Are you trying to decide which book to read next? Struggling to choose timely and relevant climate-related books out of the hundreds out there? Aching to learn about what’s under the hood of...

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